Novice Sewer Resources

Since I am using this blog to vent about my inadequacies as a new sewer, I thought it would be helpful to centralize some excellent resources on one page for others in a similar boat. Though this list is really a bibliography (bloggerography?) for my own reference, I thought it'd be worth sharing with you too. I will continue to add to this as more resources become available or evident to me.

Please be aware that there are plentiful tutorials out there that will do just fine. I'm just posting links to those that I have a soft spot for (e.g., Colette Patterns), or which have been particularly useful to me. I am putting little codes next to the links to give credit where credit is due, as I learned well in college to cite my sources. I mean, I certainly haven't done all of this excellent tutorial work myself! If more than one resource has provided me with similar information, the links are connected to the source credit, as opposed to the term.

Let me know if there are subjects that you are interested in getting resources for, or if you know of another good reference on the same subject, and I'll try to add on.

(Apologies for the somewhat unideal layout for now. I'll be working on getting a better set up eventually.)

Reference Sources
Burdastyle (BS)
Colette Patterns, tutorials (CP) (If you haven't already, you should subscribe to Colette Patterns' Snippets newsletter. You get weekly useful tips!)
Elegant Musings (EM)
Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing (GBBS)
House of Marmalade (HM)
Pattern Making (PM)
Sew Daily (SD)
Sewing Lawyer (SL)
Sew Mama Sew (SMS)
Stitch Lab (SLab)
Threads Magazine (T)
VintageSewingInfo (VI)

There's also this one, which I am excited to have found:

** No actual links are given from this site in the rest of this list, as it provides a pretty comprehensive grouping that you can navigate well. And because the actual tutorials it provides are through other bloggers.**

Understitching (CP) (SL)
Arrowhead Tack (CP)
Hand-stitching (SD) (VI)
Mock Flat Fell Seams (CP)
Flat Fell Seams (with felling foot and without) (CP)
Darning (CP)
Handmade Buttonholes (CP)
Fagoted Seam (CP)
Overlock Stitch (GBBS)

Presser Foot Overview (SLab)
Pressing Tools (CP)
Sewing Machine choosing (Dress A Day) (Grosgrain) (SLab)
Overlock Foot/Walker Foot (GBBS) (SLab)
Marking Tools (CP)

Invisible Zipper (CP)
    Invisible Zipper, to facing (Two on Two Off)
Side-seam Zipper (EM)
Lapped Zipper (Kathleen Fasanella, via SL)
Centered Zipper (Kathleen Fasanella, via SL)
Faced Fly Front Zipper (SL)
Horsehair Braid (GBBS)
Lace inset (CP)
Lace applique and trim (CP)
Surface Cording (CP)
Bias tape (CP), (CP 2) (BS)
Ruffle Fan (CP)
Pockets, Patch (CP) (EM) (EM 2)
Pockets (IndieTutes) (EM)
Piping (BS)

General sewing
Quilt Class 101 (Chasing Cotton)
Fashion Terms (GBBS)
Fabric 101 (CP)
Pre-wash (CP) (GBBS) (GBBS 2)
Nap & Pile (CP)
Underlining (EM) (T) (GBBS)

Seam Finishing
Review (CP) (EM) (VI) (SMS)
Bias Bound seams, sewn separate or together (CP) (BS) (EM)
French Seam (CP) (GBBS)
Hand rolled Hem (CP)
Balancing a Dart (SL)
Blindstitch Hemming (Vintage Girl) (EM)

Sleeve fitting (T)
Sleeve fitting, 2 (T)
Small Bust Adjustment/SBA (GBBS, GBBS 2) (CP) (EM)
Full Bust Adjustment/FBA (GBBS)
Pattern adjustments (EM) (EM 2) (GBBS)

Drafting Patterns
High waisted skirts:
     Pencil Skirt (HM)
     Corset skirt (Raspberry Tea)
     General (Stockingshock)
Darts (CP guest post on Sew Mama Sew) (PM)
     Curved (PM)
     Asymmetric (PM)
Skirt drafting, basic (HM) (VI)
Dress drafting (VI)