Thursday, August 18, 2005

blind contour friday 03

since everyone else did blind contour self portraits last week, i thought that i would play catch up. i also thought i'd venture out into the world of moving the pen off of the paper to see what the results would be. another difference is that i thought i'd use my pen instead. since shading isn't an issue, i thought it'd be a safe venture.

this is the first one that i did. it's funny when you find that you like your blind contour self portraits better than your more planned out, high effort pieces.
frontal self-portrait

this second one is my favorite of the three i did. it's actually the third, but i didn't like the second one at all. i tried to bring the glasses into it, and it got to be too much. the three-quarters portrait worked out pretty well, if i don't mind saying so.
three-quarter view self-portrait
side view

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  1. Ha! I know what you mean about the BC portraits being better than the serious stuff! These are so great--I love your bold linework and the expressiveness of your faces.

  2. OK I'm going to have to do a self've inspired me. And I'm feeling left out of the pleasure of having a wacky chin line. Really great drawing....BC seem to really capture the essesnce of the thing drawn.

  3. yeah, my chin doesn't seem to want to follow the rest of my features in any of these. funnily enough, when i do a frontal self-portrait, my left eye always tends to be off and way to the side. it's the first thing i start off with, but unlike niff , whose first eye always looks crazy good, it takes me a while to get oriented, i think. doing a bunch of these, you can pick up on some funny tendencies one has when drawing.

  4. These are great, Jess. I just don't believe it when you say you haven't drawn in a while- impossible!
    I totally agree with you about the BC being 'better' than the planned out efforts. I find that if I plan things, I get too caught up and the drawing/ ptg looks stagnant and heavy. The BCs have such energy to them.
    Excellent job yet again!

  5. I think yours are my favorite seeks! I laughed so hard. the one on top is so great, the crazy expression and hair. I am so glad you are drawing again!

  6. I agree, I think my blind contour portrait is far better than any other I've done, these look great you have a wonderful line quality

    (I've also left another comment in your artistic development post)

  7. the side view is really cool. especially the fact that the eyes are on top of eachother. i love that

  8. These are just fantastic - and it's true - this kind of drawing looks so joyful and less "worthy" and laboured - perhaps that's the clever thing - making finished stuff look so spirited... anyhow, these are fab.