Friday, October 12, 2012

And... She's Alive, Folks!

Oh, what's that? Summer and half of Autumn have packed up and already come and gone since I last posted?? But I... I...
That's my belly folks, not my rockin' booty.

I was busy. Busy slackin'. Busy being delightfully pregnant. Persistently tired and having an excuse to slow down a bit.
Henna for the belly!

Quite frankly, I never got that major nesting urge that other women talk about. Which, of course, I had been relying on getting to finish all of the cleaning and sewing that I had hoped to do. But I didn't get the urge, so I didn't get them done.

Instead, I did manage to bring this little delight into the world:


Blogosphere, meet my LoloFe. She entered this world on the 8th of September via C-Section, but not without putting up a solid effort to be born feet-first into the world. :)

Buddy's Henna tatt for LoloFe. <3
And now, almost 6 weeks later, I seem to feel more like myself again. Less like a walking baby-buggy or a post-op zombie.  And the blog has started calling me again. The pictures are sadly going to be phone quality, which means you'll just have to deal with the less glorious resolution. But they're here, right? That's what matters, right? RIGHT?

The sewing, admittedly, is a little quieter with the calls right now. Though that may be because Lo is quite keen on being attached to her Mama AALLL DAY. Which, I don't generally mind. More napping and cuddling time for me. :) But it also means I'm up at 12:30 only because I didn't get dinner at dinner time.  Because I was feeding some beautiful little monkey-girl.

Sock Monkey, Klint, courtesy of Sock Monkey Drawer
But--Hello, again! I've missed you!


  1. hahaha good on you and Congratulations (to you both)!

  2. Congratulations she's beautiful! Sorry she put up a fight, you obviously made it too comfortable for her in there to leave! ;)

  3. hello.. missed you too and she is just darling!

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