Wednesday, October 05, 2005


redesigning women

thanks to my impatient and tireless husband, i now have a new, more personalized set up. i hope you like it; ian put a lot of work into this, in part because i was taking so long to decide what i wanted and he got tired of waiting. we're going with the fall color theme for now... though i have a feeling we may play around with it over the course of time.

thank you ian!


  1. My condolences to Doug Bowman (the programmer of this bastardized Blogger template).

  2. love the hot new look. its like youre overseeing your kingdom (peeping tom style)

  3. Haha - REALLY cool - nice job, guys!

  4. Love the design of your blog. I think I like it better than anything I've ever seen and I do a lot of blog reading and flickr browsing. Tell Ian all his patience is being appreciated.