Sunday, October 30, 2005


okay, i've been tagged by laurie to list 20 random things about me.
here we go:
1. i'm 3/8 filipina
2. i'm the second oldest of nine children
3. i studied anthropology at university of chicago
4. i almost always have to get out of bed at 8:30 each morning. my body demands it.
5. i used to carry around a little tigger doll when i was in high school
6. i'm the proud adopter of bones
7. i've never smoked a cigarette
8. i just started a supervisory position in a community organization, and am finding things to be a lot more hectic than i expected
9. last week, i helped make a movie over the course of a weekend for the national film challenge
10. my favorite color is blue
11. my favorite comic book character ever is nightcrawler
12. some of my favorite comicbook artwork is in moonshadow
13. i am a book addict. please don't let me go to a bookstore. it's too hard not to buy more books.
14. i used to want to be a monk and live underground
15. i love punk music
16. my favorite movie is better off dead
17. i used to be an assistant resident head in college and would have study breaks where i'd make 9+ pies at a time.
18. i used to paint my face in high school and i still have all the chains i used to wear
19. i'm hungry
20. my husband is making me breakfast. he must love me.

i'm still trying to figure out who to tag. there's so many people who've already done this, i don't want to repeat. if anyone wants to do this, let me know. i'll tag you. I'll start of with lindsay and libby.


  1. This was really interesting! I did not know you make films too! Aint it great to have a husband who cooks? Mind does too! How can we see your film?
    bwy, I haven't been tagged yet. wanna tag me?

  2. i'll gladly tag you lindsay!
    also, i only really help my husband and our friends as they make their movies. they're the ones with all of the motivation. you can see most of the movies at

  3. The movie that we worked on last weekend is hidden here: Sun Colony One.

  4. I am a book addict too....great list!!