Saturday, November 19, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge # 4: My Cup

my teacup
would you like some tea?

i had made a pretty significant mistake on a watercolor/ink drawing and had to correct it with some white acrylic in a small spot. this process resulted in a huge glob of acrylic paint that i did not use. so i thought i'd play around with it. it was a lot of fun, though i couldn't really put the pretty green flowers along the side of it as i would have liked. and because i had so much paint, i ended up layering it way too much. you can see some of the places it started to peel.

anyhow. i love tea. so i love teacups.


  1. I like this bold and graphic approach. This design would look great as a lino print too. :o)

  2. This drawing has amazing movement. Great stuff!

    Scratches & Scribbles

  3. Hi Jes;

    I love the teacup all in white... That was a happy accidentt hat made you use a different media than you might have chosen otherwise.
    I like how you post to the group messages that there is a new post up.. I guess we all more or less do it that way.

  4. I like this! It has an art deco feel about it and it looks good against the colour of your blog.

  5. I like this, too! It is a unique approach that really does work! Don't you just love it when you make a mistake and then turn it into something cool that you wouldn't have done otherwise?
    And, by all means, post to the group when you do your challenges, IMHO. We all learn and grow by looking at other people's work.

  6. i really like this seeks. the handle and and rim have so much form. the layer actually turns out great and gives it a lot of body and volumn.

    i miss having tea with you.

    mint tea.

  7. This is nice! I absolutely love how you are unafraid to experiment and play with different styles and mediums. That's such an asset and takes a ton of confidence. AND, I especially love how it always looks amazing. Great job, Jes!

  8. This is one of my favorite things you[ve done. It is so strong with its curlicues and dramatic black/white palette. The paint is very luscious-looking, too.