Friday, November 04, 2005

The life of a manager

As some of you may know, I've started a new position as a supervisor in the community organization in which I've worked for the past year. One of the selling points of this position? More time at home (an honest-to-goodness 40-hour work week, vs. the 50-70 hour work week I've been used to for the past nine months). You know, for all of the gloriousness of the idea of having more time at home, I haven't seemed to see the benefits. In other words, I am still not getting to come home nearly as much as I thought I was going to.

This would account for my poor ability to post this past week, and for the older (read: leftover) blind contours getting posted of late.

I never thought I would be this frantically busy with this new job. I'm a little perturbed about it, in fact. What happened to my evenings? Have I already grown so accustomed to coming home early that I don't realize that I have all of this time on my hands now? Am I that ungrateful?

This weekend will be dedicated to sleep, I think. And Ian. Sleep and Ian. Mmmmm... now there's a combination I can live with.


  1. I am so sorry love.

    It makes me mad that they let you believe you would have more time, and still seem to take advantage of you. I would have a talking to them, or look around for a NEW JOB! you are one of the smartest, organized, most amazing people i know, and you have a freaking MASTERS degree!!!! i know you can do better for yourself and your family. I hope you two hold of on having kids until you guys can have some time still seems you never get to have qt time, like you should.

    prayers and hugs to you!!!

  2. thanks niff. i would agree that ian and i need more qt; we really don't get to see each other so much these days. in defense of the job, though, i expected it to be a lot of work (why would they be paying me more then?), but i think that i'm feeling burnt out as a culmination of all the things going on in my life.

    all of that traveling on weekends to philly in october took a toll on me. last weekend was my first one home in ages, and i had to go to a baptism. i've been sick, so that has worn me out a good bit too. top this off with the fact that the job's pace during the day has been much more pressured than i had thought it would be. they may not be requesting as many of my nights, but they are requesting more... output.

    something always seems to come up, no matter whether i'm not working that night or not. i wonder at how people manage as much as they do, because this is a lot of work!

  3. Goodness, makes me feel less insane with my own life, knowing that you're life is just as hectic and lacking in qt with the hubby and yourself.

    I think in some ways everyone waits for things to slow down. We look forward to it as though it will be a once and for all kind of thing. Which is not true in the least, it seems that these things are on a fluxating schedule there will always be burn out moments.

    Nonetheless, lay time will happen eventually. I do agree with Niff though, it seems it would be hard to have a baby if don't even see each other that often. Kind of a bump and run.

    I'm sorry i'm not making any sense i'm working and really distracted.

    Hopefully things will be slower when I move home so we can get some hang out time.