Thursday, January 19, 2006

christmas present III

analgesic balm
white flower present

this is the third drawing i did for one of my coworkers' christmas presents. if you are not familiar with white flower, you are likely not asian. rann (the girl i gave this to) used to get it put on her tummy as a girl to help her with stomachaches. my grandmother wears it whenever she is sick. her favorite remedy for a sore throat is to put white flower on a dirty sock and tie it around your neck. vanessa got to use it like vic's vapo-rub. that and tiger balm. tiger balm is good too.

i love menthol. even if i did get lazy drawin' the details on this. it was a little more difficult to be delicate on the flowers when they're already really basic drawings.

it's a little sloppy, but i had fun. and i still love menthol.


  1. I think this is a fabulous drawing. I love the pen and ink next to the green textured fabric. It is so well drawn---really, really nice to look at.

  2. When you walk into Oa's room the smell of white flower (newly applied or not) is like to knock one on one's ass before one has the opportunity to say, "What the hell is that smell?"

    Granted i love menthol as well but now i associate white flower with Oa sooo much that I can't wear it. Not that i don't like the way it smells or love my grandmother but whew...

    I'll stick with Tigerbalm.

  3. This is beautiful. White flower sounds like something I should have- where can someone find this? (Forgive me if it's readily available & I'm just oblivious...)

  4. we've always gotten white flower at asian food stores, usually in the section right by the register, where all the medicinal stuff is kept. you may have luck at health food stores too.

  5. I'm from Manila, Philippines so i definitely know what White Flower is, as well as Vics Vaporub and Tiger Balm! (Flashbacks of me grandma rubbing this mentholated stuff on my chest...)