Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day

ian and the boys
waiting for the parade

i am not usually a big fan of memorial day events. cookouts are all fine and good, but they just tend to seem like one more hassle. i never got the impression that things were very memorable or exciting on memorial day. though i do like the yard sales.

this year however, i think i really came to enjoy the day and getting to hang out with my family. perhaps it is because i get to watch my younger brothers and nephews really enjoy themselves. on monday, ian and i went to my parents' house for a cookout. everyone was waiting for the parade to start and come by our house. it is neat to see how the younger kids are really quite excited about the parade. well, okay, they were excited about the candy.

will and fountain
coolin' down

after the parade, we actually headed over to my sister's in-laws for the cookout. they have a big yard and let the boys play with the hose. it was SO fun to watch them goofing off and spraying themselves in their faces, coming up with games at random. they gave me such a hard time, i ended up joining in and getting soaked in my regular clothes. but it was worth it. i felt like this was a true memorial day cookout, with memories being formed as we spoke. it's sad how sappy i get when i watch my nephews and youngest brother, ages 5 and 8. but, man! are they ever cute!

parade candy
fruits of child parade labor

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  1. anytime that there can be an excuse for a cookout, then you need to enjoy that day!! play with little children, enjoy spending time with family and friends..theres nothing better.