Tuesday, June 06, 2006

why i don't draw so much these days

puzzlingly addictive

i am an official sudoku addict... and above is the evidence. i completed a slew of sudoku puzzles (almost 100, i think), and only a couple of them i set aside because it wasn't working out immediately. when i ran out of puzzles to do, i went back and found those that didn't work out the first time and started all over again! needless to say, i have gotten better than when i had started. but boy... it takes me a while to do them (compared to the 7 min average on easy ones), and that means that my other hobbies have suffered. for those of you who care about these hobbies. i'm sorry. i am an addict.


  1. dont feel bad about being a sudoku addict because i am one too..i do sudoku out of every newspaper and magazine that i can..and the only reason why i havent bought a sudoku puzzle book yet is because i dont want to seem like an addict, when i know that i truly am..

  2. i don't understand what you do with these puzzles. i don't think i would be good at it and i don't think i would like it. i hate numbers....