Thursday, August 03, 2006

August Blind Contour First Friday: Cool

air conditioning
mmmm.... air...

ian and i only have one air conditioner, and we keep it in our bedroom. so, while i'm sweltering down here at the computer keyboard, i dream of... air.

god bless technology.

for the sake of interest, i'm also posting the inkwash job i did on the original ink drawing. i like my inking skills better than my photoshop skills.

air conditioning also
mmmm.... air... again


  1. i know how you feel.

    we have 2 ACs but the one in the Living room sucks.

    I love the drdawing though..especailly the exposed insides.

    i also like your inkwork!

  2. both look great! I heard its been really hot over there - hate the heat!!
    love the line detail - squiggly lines everywhere!Cool BC!

  3. nice air conditioner!! great colors!

  4. Wow this is great. Really love your style. I've just found your blog throught the EDM group. It's great!