Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sewing Productivity Project, Day 3

On to Day 3's responses:

- How many hours per day/week do you sew? About an hour, I think, give or take

- What are you spending/wasting the rest of your free time on? work, driving, dinner, violin

- When you do sew, how do you feel before, during and afterwards? I decided to do my sewing work when I got home. It felt really exciting to have that plan in place, but I got home and just felt completely unfocused. I was hungry, the kitchen was a wreck, and I couldn't decide where to start: dinner, or sewing. It ended up that I wandered between both areas getting small bits done here and there. I've redone the pattern, so I feel pretty good about that. Now it's deciding if I want to do more muslin work or just hope it's all good and jump into the dress.

- What factors are you aware of that impact upon when you make time to sew? Figuring out how to prioritize food, violin, and sewing.

- What are you learning about sewing productivity from this process, if anything? What tips can you share? It's better to go straight to the sewing when I get home. It's good to have food options planned and available as soon as you're home, so meal prep doesn't get in the way. Earlier nights home help a lot. The computer sucks your time away like a butterfly sucks nectar.

Here's the review of yesterday's time allotment:

Day 2: Work (including commute) 8:30-8:00 (11.5 hours)... 77.7%
            Evening out with Hubby 8:10-10:30 (2.3 hours)... 15.5%
            Computer 10:30-11:30 (1 hour)... 6.8%

Day 3: Work (including commute) 7:30-7:30 (12 hours)... 77.4%
            Pattern alterations 7:30-7:45 (.25 hour)... 1.6%
            Dinner Prep 7:45-8:45 (1 hours)... 6.5%
            Pattern alterations 8:45-9:10 (.42 hour)... 2.7%
            Violin 9:10-9:30 (.33 hour)... 2.1%
            Computer 9:30-10:30 (1 hour)... 6.5%
            (presumed) Pattern alterations/cutting 10:30-11:00 (.5 hour)... 3.2%

            Sewing total: 7.5%

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