Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quilt Class 101: Week 3...ish

I'm about halfway done constructing the top. I didn't exactly follow any exact plan, which I think has compromised some of the design. There's more vertical elements here than I had intended. The plan was for more horizontal movement, but hey. It's done. Next time, I'll make an annotated list of what size pieces I'll need, how many, and of what fabric.  There's also more blue in the top than originally planned, but then again, I didn't really plan this out too much. And I didn't have very many options in my determined stash.  All in all, I'm not displeased. 

The red circle in the middle (made to hearken to the red sun of Japan's flag) isn't sewn on yet, but will be soon. It's pinned in place and was tucked and ironed around a cardboard circle before being pinned (sans cardboard) to the rest of the quilt. There have been some helpful posts at Chasing Cottons on different options for applique. I based the "sun" on this particular tutorial.

Next step is the second half of the front: the waves. I anticipate this to take a little longer, as it has more to do with top-stitching scallops multiple times for a few rows and then a few more rows. The layout looks good so far, and I have some tweaked techniques I plan on referencing for this portion as well.

 More updates to come! Thanks for reading!


  1. Plan or not, I really like it. It feels like freedom. I like the randomness of what you are creating here. It's really beautiful. A lot of times there is a "set" way to do things/create them and usually I am running away from doing it that way because it's too uniform. I can tell you are a creative type, out of the box kind of gal. Great job!

  2. This is such a pretty quilt top! I'm no quilter but that looks great and hard work! Good luck finishing it, hope it works out how you want it.