Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Close to Halloween: Spooky Sockmonkeys


For those of you unfamiliar with one of my favorite signs of Halloween's approach, let me introduce you to Sockmonkey Drawer's Spooky Monkey collection.  These are hand-sewn, highly detailed, quality sock-ghouls that come out every year. Each one is unique and amazing!


I'd spend more time talking about how much I love them, but they sell really fast. The pirate and lumberjack are already gone. So I'm posting this now. Go look, fall in love, and buy one of these amazing pieces of art!

My Favorite: Leon the Chameleon

I love his maggots!
I'll show off mine later. ;)

Again, I was not asked by Kimlan (the artist) to post. I just love her work. And these monkeys.

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