Monday, November 07, 2011

Frazzled Flapper in Philly

Halloween parade while waiting for a tow.

I know that Halloween is well over by now, but I did promise you a review of my dressing up and related adventures.

I had a wedding to attend in Philly the weekend before Halloween, and if you remember, I had been very excited to get dressed up for the reception.   If you couldn't deduce this from my recent posts about fascinators and flappers, I decided to go with a 20's inspired outfit.

I found this dress at an Antiques Mall in Baltimore, and though it's obviously not drop waist, it's slinkiness and bugle beads really reminded me of the 20s. It's crochet, so it makes for a slightly sloppy presentation, what with my slip slipping out everywhere. But I think it looks slick just the same.

I got pretty into it, looking up tutorials on 20s makeup and hairstyles. I ended up referring to this post for makeup. Not being a makeup kinda girl, I had to stock up on red lip liner and something to make my eyes all smokey. I hate mascara, so I went with buying myself some fake lashes. Did you know how much of a pain they are to put on when you're as clueless as I am?!?!? I had to get Buddy to put those things on my lids for them to actually stay. The jury is now out as to which I dislike more: fake lashes or mascara.

I used this video for the hairstyling, because I've been growing out my bob for a while (I had started to miss braids).

It was relatively easy, though time consuming. My day was work, getting made up, and then driving. Oh yeah, and the wedding reception. Did I mention I got to do the driving on the day that the East Coast got that freaky October snow? Granted, it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but the winds were a bit stressful.

Here's my hair-play results:

The fascinator I had bought from Design by Night was a nice mix of big and bold with the slinkiness of the feathers. And I was less likely to damage it with my fumbly self. Those peacock feathers do not look nearly so good as the day I bought the piece. Poor things.

I'm including this second shot of the fascinator, to give you another view. I took it the day after, so you get to see my lovely bedhead too.

I wish I could explain how crazed I felt for the rest of the weekend and manage to do it justice. It was a mix of great fun  hanging out with great folks I barely see, while being physically exhausted and not feeling so hot, not packing properly, and then dealing with my car breaking down on Monday morning as I tried to drive home. I had to take a bus back to Baltimore and wait for word on the car. I was fortunate in that the car was easily fixed and didn't cost too much. I was able to head back up on Wednesday, hang out with more quality folks, and come back in my much happier little car a much happier little Seeks.

So I didn't get to dress up for Halloween proper. But I'm sure I'll post on the outfit I had in mind in the near future. Dress up is so worth sharing.

In the meantime, you can see (if you look closely) a very specially numbered SEPTA train below, that I saw as I learned to use the SEPTA system to pick up my car. I suppose it was a good thing I wasn't on that train. My luck was crazy enough as it was, I wouldn't have wanted to involve occult numerology.

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