Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dr Sketchy's: Rebecca Nagle

This Monday I attended another Dr. Sketchy's session. The performer this go-round was Rebecca Nagle, a contortionist and performance artist. Above was the initial face-paint presentation and outfit, I think, but her costumes were really quite the range.

I tended to struggle with the short sketch sessions (2 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute), but I did manage to get a couple that I was almost okay with. I really do need to practice my pacing.

I wish I had other pictures of Rebecca's other outfits, involving fake mouths, mustaches, prop rifles, orange jumpsuits... Though I have to admit that this particular picture is quite fancy-cool:

The last two 20 minute sessions were a little better in terms of the work I produced, I think. But I ended up using a very light pencil (the theory is that its a 2H, instead of a 2B, so it only shows up faintly). I took a technical pen and inked over those sketches, so I have to acknowledge that these are not the original product.

Yes, she is wearing a mustache.

It's not that I changed much on the strokes involved, though I did revert to stippling for the side-pencil sketching. The stocking effect would have been lost otherwise, I think.

This final one is my favorite, and it was part of the contest to guess what Russell, The Windup Space owner, would want for his birthday. I have assumed that, like all self-respecting Filipinos (in my mind), he wants some good Filipino food. Because that's what I want all the time. Filipino food ROCKS!

(And happy belated birthday, O Sagittarius Russell.)

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