Friday, December 02, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of my camo-dress pattern and stretchy soft fabric is...

KAT! of Modern Vintage Cupcakes and Sew Weekly fame, who wrote:

I am so excited that Kat won my goodies, as I know she's someone who can appreciate the joy of creativity in fashion. Gotta love that purple hair, and check out her recently posted awesome outfit! Stars + skulls & crossbones = me doing a Snoopy dance.  Yay, Kat!!

Kat is also someone who shows a knack for perpetuating the support among the online sewing community. For those of you not a part of Sew Weekly's Circle, Kat has singlehandedly organized two forum-wide sewing swaps of notions and patterns. So many of us have really enjoyed these exchanges and making more and more sew-friends across the world.

Kat just had a giveaway, about which I was going to wax poetic but I (we?) have sadly missed the closing date (today, which is yesterday in New Zealand). Sorry, seamsters.

However, another Sew Weekly member, Rachel of House of Pinheiro is having her own giveaway that is open until the 10th of December. She has three different items (pattern magazines, a machine knit pattern book, and a vintage jacket/dress pattern) that you could win. You should enter as the stakes are good and she's worth following!

Good luck and thank you so much for participating!

Come back here on December 12th if you're in the mood for another giveaway, as I'll be participating in Giveaway Day with Sew, Mama, Sew! I know it will involve some vintage kidswear patterns, but I may have a few more things in there as well.

Hope to hear from you then!

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  1. I'm so excited I won - thank you so much! :-)

    (I must say, it's an unusual experience seeing a photo of yourself on someone else's blog - funny. ;-)