Friday, January 13, 2012

Guest Post at House of Pinheiro

One of the aspects of blogdom that I'm very intrigued by and still trying to figure out is the massively social and interactive nature among bloggers with common interests. Big community projects, sew-alongs, challenges, quilting bees, recipe sharing, giveaways, podcasts, overarching conversations on subjects we consider relevant, interblog collaborations: it's impressive to see how extensive social connections can be.

I feel like Rachelle at House of Pinheiro is a blogger who actively participates within this vast network with a purpose that I just can't seem to muster. It always feels like she's a key part in community conversations and looking to provide encouragement to fellow sewers, crafters, and cooks. I can always appreciate someone who loves such past-times as food and craft and creative endeavors. I can't seem to focus very well in terms of my interests at all, if you were to review the content of this blog.

But! Point is that I got a chance to collaborate with Rachelle this month, as she is having guest bloggers  provide posts for the month of January. Feel free to check out my (not candida diet) recipe for A-Z bread over at House of Pinheiro today, and explore her amazingly ambitious and productive blog.

Thanks, Rachelle!

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