Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Gift Update: Sleevies with Zippies

As promised, here's my final installment on the sewn clothing for holiday gifts. I have one more project I'll post later, but that isn't due until mid February, so we have time.

I had bought these leggings ages ago, but they didn't fit well because they're made for long-thin-legged women/girls and I'm more short-legged. But I didn't want to have them go to waste, since I was fond of the zippers at the bottom.

I ended up taking the legs and making them into sleeves for a shrug. I used ribbons as facing, but should have sewed them down, as they keep turning out. I also used ribbon for the ties. The shrug was also too short, especially for the intended receiver, who actually has a bust compared to me, Mademoiselle SBA.

So, I took this tank top and used it for the lower portion, and to add a little bit of an accent for the expansion up at the top center back. 

The end result worked out pretty well, though I apologize for the poor pictures of the finished piece. I had not gotten the chance to take pics until I was far away from my decent camera and decent lighting. You'll have to bear with the iPhone pics at night indoors. And I'll love you for that.
You can see how the ribbon facing just wants to pop out.
 I thought it worked quite well for my cousin's steampunk costume, too, though it should be noted that the grommets are part of her vest, not the wrap.
A little off center with the seam; didn't realize how hard turns are on a serger.


  1. You should be really pleased with that refashion, it looks really good! If you hadn't said that the ribbon was a facing I would have thought it was the collar.

    1. Thanks Mimi! I really couldn't decide what to do with the ribbon; it doesn't seem to do collar or facing very well. But I'm super glad that you like it. :)

  2. I love this! You did a really great job. I agree with Mimi that the ribbon looks like collar.

  3. This is an awesome refashion, so unique. I could see this in a store.