Monday, January 23, 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

So, I realize that January is almost finished, and that these 2012 resolution posts have been sufficiently done throughout blogland. Buuuuut, Very Berry Handmade is hosting a Resolved to Sew giveaway, and, well, I'm generally not one to pass up on an opportunity to make a random win.

Especially when I could perchance win TEN fat quarters from Backstitch,

or say, some fat quarters of super cute Little Apples fabric from Quilt Me Happy.

And those are only two of the 11 possible prizes one could win!

So, I've been convinced to talk about what I am resolved to do in the name of sewing for the year.

Having read all of the reviews that other folks did of their productive years of sewing, I refrained mainly because my work portfolio was so measly. I did two dresses. Two quilts. Some bags and ornaments. And I guess I sewed other things for gifts, but they just don't seem all that impressive compared to the 20+ pieces I often read about.

And it didn't feel like I did very much sewing. It felt like a lot of talking about sewing, with little follow through. I was busy doing lots of other things that just seemed to take away from my sewing mojo. Or perhaps I just lost steam when I bit off more than I could chew. (Japan Quake Quilt, anyone?)

This year, I would like to sew more consistently and have more to show for my efforts. I've committed to The Sew Weekly, with the hope of making at least a monthly contribution. (As a side note, this week's project left me stuck when I realized I don't have enough of the fabric I was going to use. Bah!) I also would like to try to submit a refashion post to Refashion Co-op at least once a month too, as I do feel an editor should be a recognized part of the co-op community.

More importantly, I am committed to using up my stash as much as possible. I have lots of fabric, and in order for me to justify my hobby, I really should use my supplies. I am very aware of how easily a house can become overwhelmed by a neglected, but loved, hobby. And how important pacing can actually be.

So that's it folks: at least one new project a month, one refashion a month, and the use of my stash as often as possible.

And make sure to check out Very Berry Handmade's giveaway! (The wins are more quilting focused, but fat quarters are also good for handbags and other little goodies. I know mine have come in handy.) The deadline is for Thursday the 26th, so you've got a few more days. :D


  1. I know how you feel! Yesterday, I looked at the photos of every project that I've ever made, and I thought, "That's it?" I've been learning to sew for probably three or four years, but this year was my first successful garment. Finding a sewing/fitting teacher made the difference. Before then, I struggled and struggled. I'm working on my second dress now (at the third muslin stage) but I don't want to hold myself accountable to complete it within the next month. I just want a good result, however long that takes. So, I'm trying to stop stressing about how much (or little) I'm producing and just enjoy the act of sewing. It's nice to go into my little room and sew, and it's a hobby, not a sweatshop, right? So don't get too down on yourself if you don't meet your numbers. The important thing is that you enjoy it.

    1. Thanks, Amy! I have definitely had moments where projects start to feel like term papers, and that's just not what this is about. I am always having to relearn how to slow down and enjoy the process.

  2. its a achievable resolution and thats a great start !