Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sewn Arts... Wednesday?

Sorry folks, I'm slow. It's been that kind of month, but it's not for naught. I'm working on a post for Sew Grateful that will show on Saturday... riiiiiiight around the time of the gift exchange party when I actually give it to the person it's for. (I've been wanting to post progress pics this whole time, but it's a secret gift exchange and some folks from that group follow me here. Could it be their gift? Who knows? Not them!)

But, in line with this gift exchange and my slowness, I am posting on one of my favorite animals: the three-toed sloth. A few years ago, I received a sloth purse at one of these gift exchanges. I'd post pics, but that would mean I'd have to actually have my act together by now.

I LOVE sloths! The internet has certainly spread the sloth love, but here are some great sewn versions I've found out in blogland:

Source: Tricky Hickson

Source: Oops, I Craft My Pants
Source: nonesuchgarden on Etsy
Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do! Back to sewing, now. Like I said, I've got a post I have to get done by Saturday.