Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sewn Arts Sunday: Spring!

So, last week, I tried to find inspirational sewn arts related to Spring, what with the vernal equinox action, the cherry blossom festival in DC, and Easter fast approaching. And I really found very little that was worth noticing, much less talking about.

This week, as expectant mothers are wont to do, I thought I'd just dwell on the them of babies. And instead found this awesome show, Stitched Ground, which has textile artists who portray the land in their works. Perfect for Spring!

Behold, the works of Terese Agnew (my have because of all that greeeeeeeen):

Source: The Daily Page
Source: Design Gallery
Chris Niver (Places that make me wish I was out hiking and adventuring):

Source: Frank Juarez
Leah Evans (Farmland makes me think of Spring all the time):

Source: Desoto Park Studio
Source: Design Boom

and Sarah Gagnon (look at those little corner details of plant like things in an urban setting! and rocks too!):

Source: Midwest Textiles

I had intended to post my latest Moon Munkie Make yesterday, but didn't get to it. Got caught up in a sewing project. So, I will try to get it up tomorrow. :D

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  1. That top peace is wonderful! Green is the best nurturing colour of all, then place sunshine yellow to lift the spirits!

    So great to see the mindful sewing picture in action too. Hope you have alovely weekend. x x x