Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Me-Made-May '12, weeks 1 & 2

I had hoped to be all fancy and make a nice little photoshopped summary of my wears for Me-Made-May before posting them on here. But my brain doesn't seem to want to cooperate on this. Or I'm just plain lazy.

So, I post them in little pictures for folks to see in a row. Many of these pieces you've seen posted on here before. There are a couple of refashions (leg warmers and arm warmers from socks, t-shirt yoga pants, a hemmed dress) that I have not posted on, but they are not difficult projects with any interesting stories to accompany them.

Week 1:

Week 2: 

I know I should provide better explanations for each of these pieces, but wrestling with these little thumbnails has taken the wind outta my sales.

Week 3 is far less interesting. I'll post on that in a couple of weeks, to tie up the month with weeks 4 and 4.5. I'm hoping to get a couple new pieces made before then, because I've already hit the repeat stage since some of my other projects are just not bump-friendly. It's fun wearing all of my clothes I've made, but I do enjoy some variety.

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