Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr Sketchy's: Nona Narcisse

Favorite. Dr Sketchy's. Yet.
Source: Kaylin Idora
Even if I couldn't find my charcoal and pencils and sketchbook before getting there, and had to use an old handmade scrappy sketchbook and the pens in my purse.

 Even if I didn't win any prizes because the artists at the event were amazing.

And because I didn't do a good job with incorporating "voodoo" as a theme anyway. (I was disappointed to find I'd already done Nona's hair and couldn't make her Marie Laveau. Instead, it looks like she's trying to feel her up. Oh boy.)
Source: Kaylin Idora

Even if I arrived late and missed the first hour or so of drawing.

Source: Facebook

It was good company. A great performance. And a lot of fun.

So, thank you Nona Narcisse. Thank you Dr. Sketchy's. And thank you The Windup Space.

And Happy Halloween, Reader. 

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