Wednesday, August 24, 2005

crazy days

these past two weeks have been difficult for me, with all of the things i've been trying to do. i get to wake up every morning and look upon the day with newfound dread. it's true! i think that this is in part due to the pleasant turn in the weather; getting out of bed seems that much less desirable when there's a pleasant morning breeze, a warm attractive body next to you, and only a few hours of sleep under your belt. (not that i sleep with a belt on, mind you. i mean, it's just a figure of speech, you know.)

but even were the weather still incredibly hot and unbearable, i think i'd still have a hard time getting up to face the day. i'm waiting for some things to come through at my job, and i've been a little anxious about that. additionally, we've been planning a big event for tomorrow evening, and it's been a big pain trying to get everything under control. these things at work, on top of having a veritable jungle outside of my back-door, a huge pile of dirty laundry in my room, no work clothes in my dresser because of said pile, occasional night duty, bunches of squash sitting on my kitchen table making "cook me" eyes at me, regularly having to round up kids for all-day events at work while still being behind on all of my paperwork, going through withdrawal from one of my coworkers who was on vacation, and no idea of how i'm going to get better at this drawing business. life has been wearing me out of late.

i am not really whining. no really, i'm not. i'm just saying i'm tired, for various reasons. i know plenty of you folks wake up each day feeling that same dread. the panic in your head explodes for a moment as you realize that yes, you really do need to get up and get dressed and go to work. and yes, you really do have to come back home after a long day of work to a long list of things that you still need to do for yourself even though you don't have the time to do it. it's not uncommon, and you couldn't convince me otherwise. just do me a favor and take the moment to relax and remember that things will be okay when the panic wave hits. and remember to do something for yourself to maintain some sanity. otherwise, you too may resort to growling instead of using words.


  1. Jesy,
    Can you pick up some sour cream on your way home. I was hoping you could make some fajitas tonight.
    I love you!

  2. OH the seeks,
    I def. understand how you are feeling. My laundry list is almost as big as my laundry pile. But on this one I have your answer...PROCRASTINATE! like me! Of course in the end it will all pile up and make you go insane, but for now you will be free to do as you please. =)

    this one is a real word of advice "YOU CAN SAY NO SOMETIMES."
    you really can!

  3. I totally hear you, Jes... It's rarely just one or two things: it's more often a "when it rains it pours" situation. You know what always works for me? A blind contour drawing...

  4. man, i feel stressy just reading that, Jes. just remember, you can give half of all responsibility to your husband!

  5. You know what you really need? A Liblet. Unfortunately they're not making them in your area just yet. Soon enough though. Just imagine the ease and excitement that will accompany getting out of bed in the morning. The stress just melts away with the mass amounts of chocolate that come with the deluxe Liblet package. I hear that each Sica gets one free Liblet.

  6. thanks all for the support. things (as always after reaching the saturation point) have calmed down a bit. school starts next week, so we won't have as many big trips for a while. also, i have arranged it so that i have monday and tuesday off of work, so that i can get things done. i have done some laundry today, ian was kind enough to take care of most of the backyard (we still have to go into our neighbor's yard to completely eradicate the squash monster plant), and i finally watched one of the movies i've been meaning to see for weeks.

    tonight i see my folks and then i'll hopefully pick up some speed in the productive business.