Thursday, August 04, 2005

cape henlopen

today, ian and i are heading slightly northeast to cape henlopen state park in delaware. we're campin' there for about two days and are planning to possibly come home on saturday. i hope to come back with pictures and... yes! dare i say it?... drawings! don't think i forgot what tomorrow is, after all.

it's time to make this blog more interesting.


  1. i'm jealous. have fun, and i can't wait to see the pics.

    we were going to stop and see you sat. but then i remembered you wont be there..fooy!

  2. mind the Delawarians. I hear they are ruthless when it comes to protecting their turf.

  3. Get a tan for me, mine is fading away in this African winter. Have fun and remember your once-upon-a-time beach buddy. THis blog thing looks like lots of fun, I look forward to seeing some more good stuff and I can continue to get my dose of Jes in. Love you babe.

  4. HEY! this isn't a blind contour drawing....

    sigh =(

  5. rachie: you were sorely missed this entire trip. it wasn't the same without camping/beach buddy rachel. just ask ian.
    i'm glad you're in kampala safe. i cannot wait to see your own pictures. we can post them here and i can tell everyone how proud i am of you.