Sunday, August 07, 2005

the beach, 2005

ian wants to be trailer trash
ian is trailer trash
ian and i spent thursday evening through saturday evening at cape henlopen state park in delaware. camping at cape henlopen is a pretty special event for us-it's much nicer to go to a state park's beach than the over commercialized boardwalked beaches and we've been going every year since 2002. that first time we went just happened to be the weekend ian decided to tell me he had a crush on me. i have been going to cape henlopen with family for even longer, and camped there with niff, rachie, and libby last year for my bachelorette party. so... without getting too mushy, it's a good place to go.

we didn't camp exactly. we slept in a tent and had a campsite alright, and i have twenty-some bugbites to prove that. however, we barely used our camping gear and went out to eat for every meal. camping about seven minutes from route 1 and rehobeth beach tends to lend itself to luxury (lazy ass) camping for two people.

i love my tent
the view from the tent
(by the way, i happen to love my kelty tent. it's awesome to have a place to hide from the crazy bloodthirsty bugs while still getting to enjoy the view above.)

ian watching dancing kids below
the view from above
though i wouldn't say we camped, we did keep ourselves occupied. beyond the beach, we did succumb to commercialism and saw wedding crashers and went to rehobeth beach's boardwalk. we took a few walks through the dunes and went to the lookout tower to see what new graffiti has been left on the ground and on the tower itself.


  1. You left out the part about how we saw, like, a thousand people in their underwear!
    And tween-city, you forgot tween-city.

  2. you also forgot about the part where ian (H.i.) "had a panty on his hay-ed"

  3. well, i just wanted to keep things simple. no need to get people all excited about the lasciviousness of people at the beach! and i try not to encourage that tendency of ian's; we're a decent fam'ly after all.

  4. nice pics.
    it's so weird what a part of your life this place is. you will most likely take your kids there! insanity.

    sorry i couldnt come.

    sorry you got bit, but what new? you are a bug dessert.

  5. yeah... bugs love me. i must have big signs written all over me that say "good bug eats" or "sweeter than cherry pie a la mode" or "jesy diner". i dunno. i just know that i get too many bugbites. does anyone want to share them with me?

  6. Ah, the beach, that would be nice now, wish I could have been there. As for bites, after being in Nairobi (too cold for mosquitoes), I am getting eaten up now, here in Kampala. ANd they like me about as much as you. I will probably end up with malaria soon... The most huge and active butterfly just flew into my office, silly thing is freaking out - my entertainment for the day.