Thursday, September 01, 2005

blind contour friday 05

the boys
this past saturday, i finally got to visit my parents. naturally, my seven year old brother jack was there, as were my two nephews, alex and william (7 and 4 respectively). while i was waiting for them to gather up the motivation to eat their beans and rice, i entertained them by drawing them without looking. you have to be quick though; little boys have a hard time holding those poses that they find so amusing.

i had to clean up the pictures, as i drew them all on top of one another, but i hope that it's not too confusing.

for all of the other participants in blindcontour friday, please refer to inkfinger.


  1. these are great! you can tell that they were having fun and making faces at you, I can just hear them laughing as I look at this, wonderful !

  2. I really like the William face. The composition on the whole piece is really great, especially for a blind contour. I kind of want to see William in color.

  3. zombies!
    its funny i can actually tell whos who still

  4. What great portraits--I'm sure you captured their personalities perfectly!

  5. i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels that i can recognize the doodles for actual kids, sutter.

    laura, i think that the personalities actually do come through for jack and william. but alex looks too serene; i blame it on the fact that he said he didn't feel well and was a little sulky. it's funny how the one kid who wasn't having trouble holding a pose was the one i rushed through the most.

    jim-yeah, i really liked william's face too. the composition, however, was a little doctored. i moved alex over a little bit so he'd fit in the 440x330 px range. there were also some false william starts that i drew over with jack. i had to take those out to make sense of the rest of the images. otherwise, they're all pretty much in the same place.

  6. nice seeks, i love jack!
    i also find it very amusing that william kept that face going.haha

    sorry about your link not being up on inkfinger, i promis i had it up there.

    typepad sucks!

  7. Your bc portraits are excellent.

  8. These are great fun! Well done. :o)