Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jackson Lawrence Prince

sleepy jackson

unlike many folks, i had to work this weekend. i even had to work on monday. it's the glories of social service jobs i think. anyhow, it would have been just an ordinary weekend of work, until ian called me saturday night to say he was heading up north because his sister Sara was in labor. needless to say, i got some time off from my supervisor and headed up to Norristown PA to see the cutest little bundle of joy. on September 3, 2005, Sara and Matt Prince became the proud new parents of Jackson Lawrence Prince. Congrats!

oyvay. all of these proper names are throwing off my typing patterns.

the drawing was from a photo reference with a good ol' number two pencil. i couldn't sleep last night, so i figured what better way to chill out than to look at a sleeping baby? well, other than getting to hold one?


  1. Oh my goodness, this is just precious. --I think babies are a hard subject but you did a fantastic job

  2. Well, seeks. looks like you have gotten right back into the swing of things, even with a 6 year break. Even in college (art school) they frown on drawing babies because they are so hard. This is an amazing drawing, and i LOVE the line quality and weight...I am SO glad i set up this blog for you. You RULE!

  3. thanks!
    i'm glad you set this blog up for me too niff. it gives me a sort of deadline-esque type of feel. a goal oriented relationship with my sketchbook, as it were. i'm glad you like this drawing; the line quality and weight were really the parts i was trying to improve.