Friday, September 16, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge # 11: My Glasses

an extension of my face

here is another everyday matters challenge, my glasses. my glasses, though i love them dearly, have been a constant challenge when drawing myself. i thought it was high time to try to have better control over them on paper. i'm pretty happy with the results.


  1. They're great, sic. I really like the little plastic nose pincher things and the right hinge. The shading for the lenses is very good too, looks like glass.
    I also love Ian's nose from your post yesterday.

  2. turned out beautifully, like the soft gray of the shading, shadows on the book page

  3. This is an amazing drawing. you really got so much form and contrast. i love all the details and reflected light.

    you have such a keen eye. MAN, i am so glad you are drawing again.

  4. its gotta be tough to see to draw your glasses since youre not wearing them at the time...