Sunday, September 18, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge #6: A Childhood Toy

my old doll, attica

for this EDM challenge, i couldn't resist but draw attica, a doll from when i was really little. i barely remember her, i don't even know if she was officially my doll. but i rediscovered her in my attic in 11th grade, and my genius high school friends decided to name her attica because of this.

though i found attica to be quite endearing, i had friends who found her blank stare and dirty face to be somewhat disturbing. one friend in particular found her so upsetting that she wrote "i am from hell" on the back of attica's head, and beat attica against the bannister until her stuffing came out. she also added the blue teardrop on attica's face. somehow, i feel like that made the doll that much cuter.

i am currently trying to figure out a better way to illustrate that strange juxtaposition of reactions to attica, but i've found my current available media to be somewhat lacking. instead, i used this as an opportunity to play around with my ink and quill. the shadow is a little flat, i know, but i'm just glad that she still looks pretty cute.


  1. OH DEAR LORD! seeks, you really shouldnt draw beasts from hell, you are catholic after all, and jesus sent me to get rid of it for you.

    i actually do feel sorta bad. BUT, the thing scared the crap out of me. I never ment to really rip it though...just scare the devil out of it (literally)

    love you..sooo sorry.

    your quil work is really comming along though. i love the detail around the face.

    btw: she looks way cuter in the drawing than in life. the evil doesnt show well here.

  2. i love you niff. don't feel bad; it was one of those highly entertaining moments in our high school years that makes me love you all the more. no matter how strange the moment may seem to other people, i really needed someone to be as unpredictable and off-the-wall as you were.

    i'm glad you think my quill work is coming along. i never realized how out of practice i was with using it. it really is very different than just using a technical pen. at least, more than i expected.

  3. Yeah, this thing is not nearly as frightening as it is in real life. Sometimes I have to put a blanket over her so that I can sleep without her staring at me.
    I think it's all the colorful color that makes her more appealing.

  4. i still think she looks pretty damn creepy. what the hell IS she? she has the body of a ghost and the head of a pin coushin... which makes her weep

  5. I love her little smile, and funny topknot of hair, the added spots of color look great

  6. Our Niff was the doll abuser?? I'll never get over that. However, I understand loving weird stuff and I think your doll is both weird and loveable. Great sketch, says I.

  7. This is a true archeological find! She is splended. How dare NIff abuse her! I used to make dolls and its wierd how they take on the character of my moods, thoughts ect....they have a life of thier own! Love your work. The cup above is really rich!

  8. I just want to defend the fact that you all havent seen this dole in real life!

    I'm telling you--
    you would never sleep the same again!