Wednesday, September 28, 2005

eye too enjoy watching movies

second eye attempt
a new 'look'

here's a new attempt at the eye coloring. i am a bit more happy with it. it's funny how i think i know how my eye is lit, until i actually look at it.

now, i think i may go back to do some more 'primitive' color work. all of this photoshop has made me miss my watercolors, no matter how inept i feel at using them.


  1. I really liked the first one, but this has really nice shadow color changes and depth. i really love teh drawing in general though, you REALLY got yoru eyebrow down! I love the simplicity of your line work, and the line quality. nice nice very nice.

  2. thanks doll. i looked at the original drawing last night and realized how i'm still much happier with the original than with the scan. it's interesting how some very clear lines can get mottled when scanned into a computer. but if you like the line work, than something must be working out right.

  3. Jesy, this looks awesome! It looks a lot smoother with more tones! Yeah!