Wednesday, October 12, 2005

blind contour friday 11

redstarkgb's livelihood
canon xl2

i will be out of town on thursday and friday for a wedding, and blogger doesn't let me time my post. at least, i don't think it does.

this week, i did my roommate's digital video camera, the canon xl2. this darlin' has been involved in so many movies and shorts, it's not even funny. it will also be one of the cameras ian and i will be using to document the wonderous wedding of jason santa maria and liz macdonald. may the video gods guide our hands... it will be a day to remember.


  1. Oh this is so cool! So much detail, and all so complicated. I have to admit I wouldn't have known what it was if you hadn't said, but it's still amazing to look at - all those little buttons and words. Really nice!

  2. Such a very intricate drawing, I can tell you took your time with it.

  3. dear god! how long did this take you. its freaking insane~ ! and awesome.

    you better stop trying to draw like me cuz your gonna get better than me and then i will have to be depressed and kill you. haha. just kidding. AND i wasnt trying to say that i AM better than you there, so forget i said that. you rule. you win again!

  4. If you say it's a camera then that's what it is. Very complicated, it's an abstract that's what it is, an abstract of a video camera. And quite good too.