Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge # 10: My Hand

hand in a sideview mirror
in the car

i drive to work, and sometimes get stuck waiting for cars to move. and when i do, i look at my hand in the sideview mirror and think how that may actually be a nice image. i did this drawing thinking it'd give me a slightly different way of seeing my hand, and it did. then i played with my wider nibs and ink... came up with a comic like feel.

i dunno. this whole thing is just a way to play with my options. since i don't have any pictures of my streets here in baltimore, i used some pics from my honeymoon (these were from big bend national park). not sure how i feel about the whole thing, though i'm still fond of the idea.


  1. I lo-ove this!! The line quality of the hand, the double background of mirror bg plus the view beyond, and the gesture itself--just ripe for a story!!

    What a great illustration for a short story or a book cover!

  2. Perhaps the images from your trip is wishful thinking - that you would rather be in the national park instead of in the traffic on the way to work.

    Your illustration is imaginative and creative. Well done!

    Scratches & Scribbles

  3. Very cool, I like the mixed media approach.


  4. really nice, jes. the movement of the bg and the mirror bg is done well

  5. really interesting composition and idea!! Have to try this

  6. Really nice! I love how you experiment and easily adapt new styles. What a talent!!!

  7. What a neat viewpoint! And nice sketch.

  8. I love this. I am always taking quick pics with my cell phone of the world reflected in my mirror. I love the idea of drawing something that I see in it.

  9. I too like the idea, but as a whole I don't like the mix of dark inky drawn foreground and a very digital pastel background. Your hand drawing is amazing though. I think if you had a darker more urban background or at least more inky and not so digital i would like the piece as a whole more, but i can see you have a lot of fans, so It's just my 2 cents. Great idea non the less.

  10. thanks for the feedback niff. i can see where you're coming from. i think i'd actually prefer to try to do something a bit less digital. some collage work i think would work nicely with it. and the dark & more urban bgs were really more of what i had in mind. the actuall drawing is so small, though, i don't feel like collage would be all that effective either. i'm definitely struggling with this piece.

    thanks for all the other wonderful and encouraging comments, everyone! the encouragement i receive from y'all never ceases to amaze me.

  11. I'm no artist but I know what I like I think this is great. I was just browsing and stopped at this, I think is very interesting!