Thursday, October 20, 2005

blind contour friday 12

vase with flowers and stones
table centerpiece

i had a rough blind contour week. nothing seemed to work out the way i was hoping. i just wasn't feeling in tune with my hand, i guess. remember that wedding i mentioned last blind contour friday? this is one of the centerpieces from the reception. it was left out on a bench at the end of the wedding, and i thought (for some silly reason) that they wanted to keep it. so i grabbed it for them. don't ask me what i thought they'd use it for, considering there were about 12 of them.

an explanation of the actual centerpiece: a tall straight vase with river rocks on the bottom. above the rocks (under water and a floating candle)are silk mum-like flowers. perhaps they are more dahlia like, but it doesn't matter. a golden ribbon is around the base of the vase, which sits on a square mirror with a large, dark stained wood frame. oh! and the bit of colour in the lower right hand corner... it's a maple leaf i picked up yesterday. i hope i didn't just confuse you more.


  1. This is really beautiful, Jes. I love the colour and I love how detailed you always get. Spectacular.

  2. Nice use of colour, and I like all the detail.

  3. lovely jes,
    of course i know what this really looks like =) but even still you really captured it beautifully.

    They were your for the taking btw. i should have grabbed one, but I think I thought someone was grabbing one for me. hah.. the confusion of weddings!

  4. Looks like a lovely fall arrangement.

  5. Lovely and I absolutely adore your masthead/banner

  6. I like this one. I really like the fall colors too.