Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge # 34: An Autumn Leaf

maple leaf
autumn leaf

It's been hard to keep up with the weekly challenges, but here is my contribution this go 'round. It was done in oil pastel, which is sometimes more gratifying than watercolor when it comes to getting the bold colors I look for. I am too timid with the watercolors, I guess.

to see the leaf i did before this one, go here.


  1. wow what a beautiful drawing! The colors are beautiful, and I really like the shadow under the leaf too...makes it pop

  2. I also love oil pastel but find them a bid hard with small drawings. YOu did a lovely job!

  3. The top one, especially, is gorgeous. Have you tried turpenoid to wash over the oil pastel to smooth out the texture? That's my next experiment.

    I never try to keep up with the challenges. I refuse to let my drawing turn into a guilt burden!

  4. Really beautiful!

    I'm also having a hard time trying to keep up with the challenges. To date, I've only managed to get to two.

  5. Love the way you've depicted texture with this drawing. It's really a great vibrant piece. Well done!

  6. The complimentary colors just explode against each other. Very nice. I've worked oil pastels on miniature paintings, and it is challenging to work the sticks in small spaces, but there is something very raw and textured about the oil pastels, they are hard to resist... you did great!