Saturday, November 12, 2005

blind contour saturday

niff making a face
niff face

i couldn't wait until next friday to post these, so i decided to extend the beautiful blind contour experience one more day. since i didn't have anyone available to make faces at me while i was lying in bed, and i didn't want to find my hand held mirror, i settled for second best thing. it's from a photo of niff and me, where she's sticking her tongue out at me.

more versions of the same
more tries

granted, these two are a little frightening together. it looks like a niff/kali combination to the left that's about to eat the one on the right. but i feel like i should show more to make up for the lack of detail i put in them (compared to inkfinger).

i must say though, i may try this challenge again, simply for the practice. it's a neat take on an already interesting exercise.


  1. hha! nice. i have a fat tongue! i think i know this photo..but i thought i was wearing glasses at the time. who knows, i stick my tongue out so much! can't keep track. i love how i can follow your lines. the nose rules!

  2. These are so neat. I love the tongues.