Monday, November 14, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenges #22 & #40: Folds & Clothing

a sari draped on a chair
folded clothing

There is a challenge from everyday matters that is to do something with folds. There is another challenge that is to do a piece of clothing. I thought that both a kimono and a sari would be ideal subjects for either. I could not decide which one to do for which, so I'm posting both here.

I think I blew out the color on the sari, but watercolors don't usually scan accurately. If I didn't blow out the color, the intensities wouldn't have been where I wanted.

The kimono? Well, I drew it mainly to satisfy my curiosity on the logistics of wearing one. Looks like something I'd get twisted up in pretty easily.

clothing with folds


  1. Beautiful work with the watercolors!

  2. very nice folding drawing.

    And what a nice site layout. The header of your site is so funny and well done!

  3. Jes, the colors in the kimono look hot. They would look even hotter on you. Hmmm....

  4. I love all the wet runs in the fabric -- beautiful!