Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge # 39: My Toothbrush

toothbrush and replaced head

i like my toothbrush. not only is it a kids' toothbrush, but i get to just change the head instead of getting an altogether new toothbrush. it makes me feel less wasteful and more environmentally conscious. the drawing above has both the toothbrush and one of the old heads... i wear them out pretty significantly, as you can tell if you compare the two heads.


  1. That's cool! I like the colours too. I haven't seen one of these toothbrushes before.

  2. That's hotsie!
    Good choice of colors for the composition. I love your teeth.

  3. nice drawing seeks. your markmaking just keeps getting better and better~!

  4. hehe.. thanks niff. what's mark-making? (oh the things you have to explain to me. even if you think i'm smart, i really have so much to learn!)

    thank you too felicity! it's nice to know that someone whose talent i admire likes something i've done.

  5. You are getting too good, girl! I love this one but I really love the nonblind one! Real profeshunal lookin'.