Thursday, December 08, 2005

2(Blind Contour Friday) - 18 & 19

whoo! check me out! i actually have some pictures to post!!
this is simply a perfect example of why i need to scrounge up some money and get a scanner.

Blind Contour 18: last week's post
andrew bird, hand
the glories of being short at a concert

as you know, i went to see andrew bird a couple of weeks ago. it was fun, though more crowded than the last time i saw him. a lot less personal. so i used it as an opportunity to get some drawing in public practice in. it must have been partially successful; i had a guy walking me to my car until he found out i was married. (poor david, so nice...)
for a while, all i could manage to see was perhaps andrew bird's hands; too many tall folks. finally i was able to get some head views:
andrew bird
one attempt

andrew bird
a more successful attempt at the recognizable

it was difficult, what with him moving so much and so many people in front of me. much harder than denison witmer!

Blind Contour 19
caran d'ache
water color crayons

this week, i thought i'd actually color the blind contour with watercolors instead of with photoshop. i think it worked out pretty well, though there were moments of definite distress. i don't have patience with watercolors drying!

the subject of the blind contour were my water color crayons. they're next to a box of green papers and in front of a yellow snail tape dispenser and a pair of scissors.


  1. very interesting drawings. the first thougt that came to mind was 'weird' but looking at them closely I just wondered how someone can "think" or "see" that out of a blank page. Nicely done.

  2. Very nice! Fun! Hey, that looks like a monkey to the right of the crayons.

  3. Yeah, Jesy. You did really good on the water coloring. Will you water color me tonight? I wanna be pretty!

  4. These are wonderful- especially the watercolor crayon one.

  5. all i can say is, you pretty much rule! i love the portraits of andrew bird, and your water color crayons as well...they sure do bring back a lot of!

    can't wait to see you this weekend...flea markets and cookies! yay!