Monday, December 12, 2005

Everyday Matters Challenge 13: Phone(s)

crisis phone
Baltimore County CRS phone
This is what I do when I work at the crisis hotline-draw while I wait for someone to call. I need to bring things to draw these days, that phone can only look interesting from so many angles. Maybe I'll have to start playing the eye game with it instead.

another crisis phone
work phone
Here's the other crisis phone I get to carry around-when I'm on back up duty, I have to wait for all of the workers out in the field to call me. If they don't call me, I get to freak out with worry about whether they're safe. Usually, they all call me before 11 except for one girl... she's always out late. Vanessa.

I tried to do the ink wash thing with the phone like i did with the lamp, but it didn't seem to work out as well. maybe i just needed a few more tries, but i got lazy again. the story of my art life-i could be better if i wasn't so lazy and unfocused. (notice that i got too tired to capitalize things half way through this entry? lazy.)


  1. Whoa! Look at you with the capital letters! Well done, hottie pants!

  2. I yike it a yot. I fink you have a gift with phones.

    I'm a stressed out wreck. I burst into tears twice today and threatened to set a complete stranger on fire. Well that was my day. One week from now i will be somewhere in the sulking midwest anticipating your waiting and lovin' arms!!! whoo hoo.


  3. the seeks! nice forced perspective! I know what you mean about drawing the phone all the time. lots of my temp jobs have given me the same sketch book results. it made an amazing blind contour though!

    love you.

    thanks for visiting me, even though i was pretty distracted most of the time. =(