Friday, December 30, 2005

Blind Contour Friday 22

little dancing bugs
dancing bugs

i did these blind contours while visiting niff and sutter one weekend. it's one of those little toys where you press the bottom in to make the two bugs "dance" (usually they just flop down to the side for me). sorry for no color. sometimes i think it's nice to just leave them the way they happened.


  1. HEY! i thought i recognized those dancy bugs. my friend jon made those for me and custome painted them to look like me and him. =)

    Thanks for making them look so cool. I like that you didn't add color.

    how is the new scanner treating you?

  2. I like that you didn't add colour too. Sometimes BCs look best that way. I remember these sorts of toys from when I was a wee little kid - the days before computer games (and dare I say it - colour tv!!)