Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas present II

the toilet is funny
true bathroom humor

i worked with two teams of wonderful women for a good part of this past year, and i gave each of them a drawing for christmas. i tried to make them as appropriate to each of them as possible. this one is inspired by sutter who made a t-shirt with the same statement and a different toilet. i just used a simple white prismacolor pencil on black paper. (and a dark blue pencil for the word on the banner.)

the flower in the earlier post was for the classy lady of the bunch. this picture is for the joker of the bunch. she brought in fake poo into the office and got our admin to think that someone had an 'accident' in the bathroom. i love that girl. (really, you can't help but love all five of these girls. er. women.)


  1. this is really, really awesome.

  2. looks rad, jes. miles beyond the crappy little toilet i sketched. AND its message still rings true!

  3. Wow, this is very funny and such a great illustration!