Friday, January 06, 2006

Blind Contour Friday 23: Epiphany

we three kings
we three kings
i have finally managed to do something seasonal! yay! these are my little three wise men from my nativity set. they are at most an inch tall. i love these guys. i hope to post a drawing of my little baby Jesus. he's got a head the size of a grain of millet.
we three kings
of orient are
so, for those of you wondering, this sunday coming up will be the sunday we celebrate the Epiphany (though, it's technically today). growing up, my family would put our shoes out with carrots and straw in them (usually from the little manger we had with a baby Jesus figure in it)for the camels of the three wise men. magically, the next morning we would find that they left us presents.
we three kings
bearing gifts
i always found the whole night more exciting than christmas, really. camels are way cooler-they spit.
(obviously, some of the drawings are neither blind nor contour... but its to give you an idea of what they look like.)

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  1. I loves me a drawing with a backstory - these remind me of EH Shepherds Winnie the Pooh illus in their delicious roundness and plumpness:)