Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Again!

how does your garden grow?

Happy first day of Spring! in honor of one of my favorite seasons, ian and i have put our minds together and played around a bit with the site. if it looks odd, please refresh your browser. if it doesn't look better, then only i can be blamed, i suppose (i blame the scary self-portrait).

piano bit
they don't build like they used to in 17061

with the flowers comin' up, i take up my favorite past-time of checking on the garden. i used to do it as a child before running out to catch the bus, and i now do it as i run off to work. nowadays, i get to look at the big piano skeleton in my yard too (hence these other pictures)

piano part

so, happy spring! i hope you're as excited as i am!


  1. Nice spring redecorating and lovely photos!

  2. Nice site seasonal update.

    I wish it really were spring, unfortunately it doesn't feel like it. I will be more than pleased to celebrate the onslaught of warm weather with you, that is once we get some.

  3. i like this new site design. it is very you. i bet i will be seeing lots of garden pics this year!

    yay spring!

  4. i like that piano skeleton a lot. i wish it were un-damaged and the strings were still in tact though. it would make a really cool piece of modern art. i guess a sledge hammer doesn't allow much for choosiness.

  5. dude i think spring is cancelled in NY this year.... it was sunny for one weekend and then it snowed yesterday. these pics make me miss the time when i used to have a backyard. oh well, i guess living in a building next to garbage bins and a parking lot will have to suffice.