Thursday, April 06, 2006

BCFF/Montreal Trip Chapter 1: Train ride up

factory and wires from the train
view from my train window

i am actually quite glad that niff chose "out your window" as the theme for this month. i just happened to do blind contours while looking out the window of the train i was on on my trip up to montreal. so it provides the perfect segue to the entries i was already planning to do for my trip up to montreal for a counseling conference this past week.

the blind contours above are of one of the many (or actually a conglomeration of a few) telephone poles that ran next to the train tracks and one of the factories in upper state new york. some of the poles were all of five feet tall and others were the more standard 20 (or so). they were all in various states of decrepitude, so i enjoyed watching them pass by. the factories were similar, in that there were many falling apart with big empty windows gaping at the world. again, i fell in love with the view; there's nothing quite like entropy and man made objects. and there's nothing quite like blind contour to help deal with the fast disappearing sites... no time to look, just draw! it does make for a somewhat poorer line quality though.

rocks, trees, and a little house or two on the river
the view

here's some non-blind drawings from the trip as well. the one above is of the horizon from the train window not too far north from new york city. i'd venture to say it was between albany and nyc; not too exact, but again, it's a conglomerate of places. basically, what you're looking at are cliffs, trees, and river.

below is a quick, not entirely accurate sketch of one of those poles. having to draw with pencil after so long has been strange; especially trying to move so fast, the medium was not what i was expecting.

pole, not blind
the pole (again)

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  1. wow the seeks. we must still be connected at the brain a tad after all these years! how was your trip?

    train rides always make for a good view, and are especially good for bc drawings. funny how a person can just look out a window for hours and hours.

    love your drawings.