Thursday, April 27, 2006

40 hour week

boy would i ever love to have a 40-hour work week... i haven't had one of those since i took two days off for vacation!
this week has been especially crazy, i had a 12 hour training yesterday and today i will be out late doing an activity with our youth. (tonight's our final day for our college tutoring program this semester.) this means i'll be home around 10:30.
now, i understand that plenty of people have jobs that run over 40 hours on a regular basis. my question is, how is this a good thing? and how am i getting compensated? hell, how are my caseworkers getting compensated? social service salaries are rarely comparable to corporate jobs, and this place is a far cry from the exception. it is getting frustrating though; even on the days i leave early/take off time, i still end up having other things to do.
i was thinking about a second job, but really. who am i kidding?
i know i'm kvetching, but i'm just letting you know why i'm behind on my drawing. i am working on it though. hopefully i'll do some this weekend, if i'm not too busy recovering from the week...

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