Sunday, May 28, 2006

belated birthday for joe

19 year old joe

so, in the tradition of making up lost posts, today counts as the make-up day for my brother joe's birthday. he turned 19 this year. trying to find evidence with which to embarrass the boy, i realized the importance of labeling things early. joe and jacob (to be posted on later this week) both took up drawing around the same time and the content was usually quite similar. i think i have a picture below that joe drew, but i'm not sure. perhaps it's jacob's. i'm pretty sure it's joe's.

joe just finished his first year at mount saint mary's college in emmittsburg, md. it's wild to think that it was so long ago that i had done the same-there's a nine year age difference between the two of us. was it really so long ago that i had 'escaped' maryland and tried to forge my own way? man, was i ever a confused girl then. heh. it was a lot of fun, though.

happy birthday joe! in honor of your birthday, i'm 'giving' this little 'card' back to you (just replace the days with years):

birthday card for joe
19 days... er, i mean years

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