Saturday, May 27, 2006


blown bottles
a productive day
ian had brought my brother rico over this weekend to enjoy the experience of blowing things up. it was ian's birthday present to rico (which i guess works out well, since i did not get anything for him). so, ian, rico, and our cousin ben (also one of ian's best friends) went out today and gloried in the fun of dry ice bombs. they were busy, too. ian saved over two boxes of soda bottles ranging from two liter soda bottles to small water bottles for this day, and they used up all but four?

i didn't really participate. today i used for my own projects, like cleaning my pig-sty of a room, doing the laundry, getting rid of junk, gardening... and having a lot of good hang out time with libby and later with the cherry hill crew at rann's party. a party, by the way, where the one of the hosts was passed out in his bed for having started drinking at 10am this morning. he finally came down at 9:30pm after his friends dumped him out of his bed twice, but he was still smashed. needless to say, i was sadly quite amused. i always feel somewhat guilty being entertained by people who are waaaaay drunk.

but it was a good day. productive on all counts-cleaning, exploding, and partying.

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