Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blind Contour First Friday September: FREE TIME

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ways to pass the time

i would have colored this, but quite frankly, it's late and i have to start moving tomorrow, so i'm not feelin' too driven. i probably would have given it another try too, except for this upcoming weekend of moving fun.

i'm a bookworm, so whenever i'm free, i try to read as much as i can. i'm also a bit of a workaholic, so, i have had the habit of using up all of my days off from work to take classes. so i thought it appropriate to do a blind contour of all of my books that i have to read for existential counseling. in a way, i thought it most appropriate to use such an unstructured and vague art technique as blind contour drawing to illustrate such a vague set of overintellectual ideas as existential counseling.

i thought i'd try drawing bigger, so i spilled out over onto the next page, which is why there's a bit of spine showing in the scan. i also admit to a bit of value cheating-since i knew i wouldn't be coloring the piece, i darkened some places so you can differentiate the three books a bit better. hope it helps.


    it's so fun to do type, even though i find it quite hard.

    i wanna see you new house!
    you can come see mine too in about one month! YUP-- WE GOT ONE!

  2. I have to ask your permission to use this piece on the cover of my master's thesis on existential counseling. I have been searching online and came across your piece, its exactly what I need as I could never draw something like it myself and it represents exactly what I am trying to get across as an existential psychotherapist. I would really appreciate it, I will of course cite you as the artist. let me know, thank you.